My name is Fr. Ethan Harrison. I am an Anglican priest in Destin, Fl. I have just begun the life of full-time ministry, and I find myself in need of a place to practice and produce writing. Writing for me is both a joy and a discipline, and so I’m creating a space here to exercise this discipline.In this space, I will practice and write several forms of writing: essay, meditations, reflections on pastoral ministry, and quotes I’ve found meaningful.

A little about me as a writer: my main areas of interest and growing proficiency include Patristic theology, theological interpretation of Scripture, Trinitarian theology, Christology, discipleship and spiritual formation.  I have a masters of Sacred Theology in Systematic Theology.  My Thesis was on the Trinitarian grammar of Gregory of Nazianzus and Augustine of Hippo.

My pastoral interests include the integration of pastoral ministry and theology, spiritual formation, the combination of discipleship and evangelism, preaching, catechesis, and leadership.