J.I. Packer on the Christian Life

Packer’s book Growing in Christ is a beautiful book on the basics of the Christian life. He offers brief meditations on the Apostles Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, along with a helpful section on Baptism.

I continually return to this book, and his other books, for clear, simple and faithful articulations of the Christian faith.

The following is probably one of my favorite quotes from him in this book:

“Being a Christian is a blend of doctrine, experience, and practice. Head, heart, and legs are all involved. Doctrine and experience without practice would turn me into a knowledgeable spiritual paralytic; experience and practice without doctrine would leave me a restless spiritual sleepwalker. If Christ is to be formed in me, doctrine, experience and practice must be all there together.” (Packer, Growing in Christ, 127).

I continuously need this reminder that all three, Doctrine, experience, and practice, are necessary for my life in Christ. I hope this quote encourages you to grow in your knowledge of God, your experience of Christ’s love, and the transforming power of his Holy Spirit.


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